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48 Hour Fast And Benefits of Water Fasting ( It Really Works )

The common question in your mind is, What happens if you stop eating for 3 Days or 48 hour fast. Does the stomach shrink when you don’t eat or if a person uses fasting to lose weight, How will his or her body react ? Can 48 hour fasting works?

All your doubts are clear is this article. So make sure to focus on each of the things. By the end of this article I have a bonus tip for you.

What Happens If You Don’t Eat for 3 Days

So, the question is what happens if you don’t eat for 3 days or you can say 48 hour fasting.

To explain this, I have to categorize the days and we will see and observe how each day goes in 3 day fast.

1 Day Not Eating to Lose Weight

On the day of the first morning, You feel motivated and the rest of the day went fine.

You’re hungry, but it wasn’t too difficult. You can drink water. In the afternoon you feel a little lethargic and weak.

More likely it was a psychological effect. In my opinion, the fear of not eating is strong because three day straight fasting can reduce your thinking ability during fasting.

At night, Your stomach grumbled. It can be a stomach issue or it can be transition to fasting. Sometimes the empty stomach gets grumbled.

2 Days Not Eating to Lose Weight   

On the second day, you feel hungry and tired and in most cases people start worry about- 

Losing muscles, getting weaker, being anti- social, not eating is boring, you don’t know if it is safe or not, can you pass out from not eating all day and days go by i don’t know why water fasting didn’t work ?

Here is the time when most of the people quit the fast of not eating for 3 days because of their thoughts.

They feel like, i haven’t eaten in 2 days, will i lose my muscles or become weaker and other foolish thoughts.

And those who are remaining, They will continue the fast for 3 day of not eating to lose weight. 

Second day of the fasting is very crucial because it is a stage where most of the people will power not to eat starts decreasing and you are getting weaker than earlier.

3 Days Not Eating for Lose Weight

On day 3, Morning you didn’t get tired at all and you feel like i haven’t eaten in 3 days and i’m not hungry because you adopted the life cycle of no eating.

But still your body is weak and you feel lethargic, You also feel little motivated to stay fasting for 48 hour.

Finally, After 48 hours fasting your body loses weight but it is not fat loss.

Your body loses water and it looks like your body loses weight.

But the reason behind, When you start losing weight from your body, the first thing happens is your body exclude water from your body and after that your body fat will decrease slowly.

No Eating for 3 Days Side Effects

Side effect of 48 hour fasting

Fasting for 3 days is not a big deal. But that’s not mean that you won’t get side effects, It depends on person to person. The common side effects you will observe in no eating for 3 days are lethargic and fatigue. 

There are various symptoms of not eating for 3 days. I Know you are thinking why do i feel sick if i don’t eat.

The reason is your body needs energy for working daily tasks and the energy comes from food which you eat.

If you don’t eat for a long time, your body weakens and there is a chance of illness. The common side effects that you may notice from not eating for 3 days are lethargy and fatigue.

During these 48 hour water fast, your thinking power starts decreasing because of the shortage of glucose in the brain.

Another side effect you will observe is that your tolerance power is decreasing and you will be angry in small things. 

The reason behind this common side effect is because your body wants calories to get energy for surviving. So, In 48 hour of fasting you can’t get enough calories. 

Will I Lose Weight If I Stop Eating for 3 Days ? 

Will lose weight if I stop eating for 3 day. If  you ask me personally then I say yes. But the fact is short term weight loss you can get.

And weight loss does not mean fat loss there is a difference between both.

How Much Weight Will I Lose If I Don’t Eat 3 Days.

How Much Weight Will I Lose If I Don’t Eat 3 Days.

In water fasting for 3 day, You will lose weight for a short term and the reason for the weight loss is decreasing the water level of your body.

The Fat of your body is the same during 48 hour of fasting and if you continue the fasting after 3 days then your body fat is decreasing but it will not be healthy for your body.

The research says that the human body will lose weight if you consume less than 960 calories a day.  

Note :- If you try water fasting for 3 days for fat loss, then i highly recommend not taking the 3 day fast because it won’t help in fat loss.

What Should I Eat after a 48 Hour Fast?

What Should I Eat after a 48 Hour Fast?

You Probably thinking about  what to eat after 3 day fast. No eating for 3 days have many negative effects on your health.

So it is very important to recover your body from 3 day effect.

Drinking water is important for our body because it will help you to maintain the water level of the body.

There are many fruits and vegetables that have a high water content that will help to recover your body.

It’s not mean that to maintain the water level of your body you need to drink water only. It’s beneficial to eat hydrating foods in your meal.

Here Are The 5 Foods To Eat When You’re Not Eating for 3 Days –

1. Yogurt 

Yogurt for 3 day fasting

Did you know that yogurt contains ample of protein and calcium with 88% of water and it is the best thing after not eating for a long time.

Try to eat plain yogurt without adding sugar and flavours. It is more beneficial to recover your body from the fasting stage.  

2. Carrot 

Carrot for 3 days fasting

This vegetable has a water percentage of 85-75%, which is very high. It helps add water to your diet and additional benefits such as it is a good source of fiber, Increases blood quality of your body.

In addition, It contains many vitamins and minerals. Such as vitamin K and potassium.

3. Watermelon

watermelon for 3 day fasting

This fruit is one of the most water containing fruits, which have a water percentage of 92% and it is low in calories.

Watermelon is a summer fruit and has a delicious taste with water rich fruit which helps to stay hydrated.

4. Blackberries

Blackberries for 48 hour fasting

Blackberries are delicious as well as juicy. It contains 88% of water and has some great vitamins C and K. It is high in fiber also. You can try blackberries with yogurt as a snack.

5. Cottage Cheese 

cottage cheese for 3 day fasting

Cottage cheese is a dairy product and contains 80% of water. That’s the reason why cottage cheese has a liquid like texture. Cottage cheese is a good source of calcium and protein.

Benefits Of Water Fasting 

There are many benefits of fasting more than weight loss. The 3 day effect gives you different benefits if you have  some conditions, like chronic disease, food addictions, physical exhaustion and other serious conditions. 

This 48 hour fasting is good for you to improve your health and you can try this fast once a month.

The 48 hours fast weight loss results are very realistic, It will boost your metabolism to help in weight loss. You can see the difference by facing the fat before and after.

Note :- This 48 hour fasting is not recommended by any doctor, so try this in your own risk.

7 Benefits of Water Fasting

  1. Promotes greater satiety 
  2. Improves heart health
  3. Decreases harmful protein production
  4. Decreases Inflammation
  5. Improves fitness and body composition 
  6. Improve fat loss and ketosis
  7. Improves cardiovascular health    

Bad Breath While Fasting 

You are probably thinking why fasting causes bad breath. Usually bad breath during fasting is common. But if you want to get rid of these, there are some ways to prevent bad breath while fasting.

One of the major reasons for bad breath is dry mouth. In fasting periods your mouth is very dry and due to which your mouth doesn’t have enough saliva to fight with bacteria.

So, the bacteria ferment any food you have remaining in your mouth or in fasting the bacteria irritate gums of your mouth and it leads to bad breath.

How to Prevent Bad Breath During Intermittent Fasting

Bad breath is not good when you are with someone and during fasting you are also hungry and think about how you stop bad breath when hungry.

Here are some important tips to prevent bad breath during intermittent fasting –

1. Drink water to avoid dehydration

The best way to avoid bad breath while fasting is drink water as much as you can.

It will help you to make saliva in your mouth and prevent bad breath during intermittent fasting.

2. Focus on oral hygiene 

Most of the people underestimate oral hygiene which leads to bad breath. During your intermittent fasting you should brush at least twice a day to avoid bad breath in fasting.

Now It’s Your Turn

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