what is alum used for

Does Alum Water Help in Weight Loss?

Alum water as Alum or in Indian language called fitkari is a great ingredient with many uses. It has many amazing uses from skin fairness to water purification. But there are many types of alum and it is important to get to know which alum to use, the correct dosage, and also the correct method to use it to prevent any side effects. The Question is does alum help in weight loss? before we know let’s talk about what is an alum.

What Is Alum?

Alum popularly called Fitkari | Fhitkari is very commonly used in India. When we say the word “Alum”, The first thought that comes in your mind is, use it in shaving but alum has other wonderful benefits and uses too.

There are many types of alum, potassium alum is the one popular used for household uses. It is also the one that is most commonly referred to as alum.

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(Alum) Fitkari Uses in Water

Fitkari Uses, alum uses

Fitkari : There has been an ongoing debate in the water industry for a number of years regarding the use of alum in the water treatment process and the ‘suspicion’ that aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is subject to international research.

A variety of possible causes have been considered, however, there no link between aluminium intake and any diseases has been found by eating alum.

What is the use of Alum ?

Though alum is used widely as a home remedy, it is rarely internally consumed and most remedies call for only external application of alum paste. In our place, we use alum for making homemade bindis too. what is alum used for

Alum for Weight Loss

In Chinese medicine, alum is popularly called Ming Fan and is taken both internally and applied externally for skin diseases like body odor, athletic foot, etc.

Does Alum Water Help in Weight Loss?

As per our finding, we don’t find any research about that alum water helps in weight loss and there is also no scientific proof that alum water helps in weight loss.

Alum Benefits and Precautions

Does Alum Water Help in Weight Loss?
  • Alum is taken internally as a medicine in both Chinese and ayurvedic medicine but only in very small amounts as it is toxic in large doses. I would suggest consuming alum as medicine only under expert guidance and never as a home remedy.
  • When using alum as a deodorant try using it on alternate days instead of regularly as even regular external application might get absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are experiencing any irritation after using alum, stop using it.
  • Alum is also used for vaginal tightening but please remember using alum for vaginal tightening can lead to irritation and an increased chance of getting an infection so try to avoid using alum for vaginal tightening.
  • When using it on the skin, use it sparingly and always use a moisturizer later as alum tends to cause skin dryness.
  • Alum is also used popularly for weight loss, external application of alum on the stomach is said to reduce belly fat but there is no scientific research proving this, and please research well before using alum for weight loss.
  • A small pinch of alum is used in certain hair treatments to treat lice and dandruff, when using alum for hair please be careful of the dosage else it can lead to hair fall.

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