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Excited in knowing about Vincent Herbert’s loss weight transformation? Shocked, how did Vincent Herbert lose weight and got in amazing shape in just a couple of weeks.

Here is a spoiler. In this article I am gonna talk about Vincent Herbert’s diet plan, criticism for Vincent Herbert weight gain, his exercise routine and some weight loss tips for you.

Who Is Vincent Herbert?

Vincent Herbert born January 27,1973. He is a record producer and american songwriter Since 1989, who owned streamline records, an imprint of interscope records.(1)

He has worked with famous artists such as Mishon Ratliff, OMG girlz, Aaliyah, Tatyana ali, Destinee & Paris, Toni-Braxton, Destiny’s child, JOJO, Dream, Hi-Five, Mindless Behaviour as well as Lady Gaga and his ex-wife, Tamar Braxton.(2)

He also co-started with his ex-wife (Tamar Braxton) in their WE Tv reality series Tamar & Vince, a spinoff of her family’s reality show Braxton family values, which premiered on september 20,2012.

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He also helped his ex-wife, Tamar Braxton’s career to become an executive producer on her studio album called Low and War, which was released on his record label streamline records. He has a nickname called vinny herb.

Vincent Herbert married Tamar Broxton, in 2008. In 2013 his son was born named Logan Vincent herbert. In october 2017, Braxton filed for divorce from Vincent Herbert because of irreconcilable differences.

Vinni’s Weight Gain Story

Going through struggle with sleepless nights, Vincent eats lots of junk foods and follows an irregular sleeping routine. By doing these things, Vincent gains a lot of dirty fat in his body.

Struggling with a lot of work, Herbert easily lost track of time. He did not have enough time to hit the gym or do some bodyweight exercises at home. It was a difficult phase in Vincent Herbert losing weight transformation. 

Responsibility of delivering one hit album after another after another, most of Vincent’s time goes in work. By the time he could really work in his body, it was too late. The price that he had to pay for it was big.

He gained many pounds of weight and his body looked really fat. After he realized the amount of body fat he gained, he started thinking about his health.

Criticism Vincent Herbert Weight Gain

Though Vincent Herbert has been engaged in this music industry for a long time, The big names in the music industry are not interested to hire him as a co-star in any web series because of his oversized body. Media was always at his oversized personality.

After getting criticism from the media and the industries, He finally decided to lose some pounds from his body.

How Did Vincent Herbert Lose Weight ?

Due to the extra weight, Vincent Herbert faced several health and medical issues. Most of the doctors recommended him to go for weight loss surgery. Vincent has to undergo some surgeries to cut down his dirty fat from his body.

In 2012, Vincent Herbert was admitted for a straight 40 days.

Vincent was diagnosed with many blot clots. After a gap of three years, In media report. Vinni’s wife, Braxton, recommended her fans keep track of the thickness of their blood. It was a difficult phase in Vincent Herbert lose weight journey.

In the year 2016, Vincent got reduced to almost 100 lbs of body weight. He rapidly lost from 300 pounds to 230 pounds after difficult bodyweight surgeries he underwent.

Looks like Tamar is quite happy for Vincent Herbert weight loss surgery. “ I am very happy not only because he is healthier and I want him around forever. But you know I like the small meat on my husband’s bones, she said.

But his weight loss is really inspiring. Braxton has been a constant motivation for him. Yes, I agree that they have material issues, but she never did overlook her husband, And proply helped Vincent lose pounds.

How Does Vincent Herbert’s Weight Loss Surgery Go?

Vincent goes through more than one, weight loss surgeries to cut down fat from his body. There are many weight loss surgeries out there, but the surgery Vincent doctors prefer is Gastric bypass is surgery also known as Gastric pouch reset. In this surgery doctors cut the fat from your body as much as they can. Here is a detailed information about gastric pouch reset.

These surgeries are for those who are very overweight and the body is not capable of doing high intensity exercise and who need fast weight loss results also.

Vincent Herbert Exercise Routine

This was his routine exercise before Vincent Herbert weight loss surgery. These are one of the best exercises which Vincent follows. Some of the exercises which are not mention is bodyweight exercises

  1. Skull Crushers
  2. French Curls
  3. Lateral Pull Downs 
  4. Side Plank
  5. Standing Calf Raise
  6. Reverse Wrist Curls
  7. Hanging Leg Raises
  8. Preacher Curls
  9. Wrist Curls
  10. Triceps Rope Press Down

Vincent Herbert Diet for Weight Loss 

vincent herbert lose weight

With a regular time table of 3 to 5 hours a day, He followed a diet which is made by his nutritionist and dietician. He mostly preferred to eat, paleo and low carb styled diet and drink a lot of water. He tries to eat high-calorie food. Hash brown, burger, beer, and junk food were kept at long distance.

Carbs and fried foods were much excluded. The main priorities of Vincent are healthy fats, low carb foods and a lot of proteins. Moreover, his diet was full of fish, whole eggs, steak, broccoli, chicken breast, nuts, spinach, sweet potatoes, berries, avocados, oatmeals, grass fed butter and all the healthy and dirty fat-free food.

His nutritionist recommended avoiding dairy products. His positive determination played an important role in his weight loss transformation. He and his team have achieved success in reducing off the extra weight all the very thanks to their dedication.

He had midnight hunger and craved the unhealthy food but his stubbornness, dedication and determination towards his dream made him lose weight at a rocket speed. And so, he is what you can see now. 

Advice from Vincent Herbert

  1. Avoid High Carbs foods
  2. Replace soft drinks to healthy smoothies
  3. Eat boiled food not too spicy and oily
  4. Eat fiber-rich foods
  5. Add veggies and fruits in your diet
  6. Drink green Tea or detox tea
  7. Drink water as much as you can.
  8. Healthy juice is better than sugary shakes.
  9. Supplements would help you to get results.
  10. Don’t swallow the big pieces and try to chew the food.
  11. Follow routine- On-time sleep, On-time meal and On-time exercise.
  12. Try to take small meals and don’t eat much.

Remember that surgeries may not be always successful and have many side effects, avoid them until it’s necessary.

Well, it may be quite difficult in the starting days, but once you are in the habit of constant state, you will get non-reversible changes in your body. It all depends on your goals and your dedication.

Message from Vincent Harbert

vincent herbert lose weight

After a huge weight loss transformation, Herbert in an interview mentioned that he is still ready to lose weight. Though he learned a lot from his transition phase, that he must eat healthy food, stay positive and healthy.

Eating unhealthy and junk food will add to the fats and result in putting on. Also, he opened up about the pressure he is staying slim and all the things he is doing for the same. The same advice he suggests to all those who are trying to lose extra pounds of weight is to eat healthy and exercise daily.

Hope in the coming future we see a good personality owner of streamline records. With abs and much younger looks. And Tamar Braxton would be much more proud of her husband even more than ever, who does not wish to have a good looking husband.

Losing weight has always been a bit challenging job but a stronger dedication, hard work, discipline and a smarter way of living can get you all the extra fats and calories by saying goodbye to you leave as smart as you ever were.

Hope you like the Vincent Herbert lose weight transformation. The determination and dedication he has to achieve to lose extra pounds of weight from his body.

Vincent Herbert FAQ’s

Is Vincent Herbert Married or Not?

vincent herbert net worth 2016

Vincent Herbert is Married and his wife’s name is Tamar Braxton, in 2008.  In 2013 his son was born named Logan Vincent herbert.

What is Vincent Herbert’s Net Worth of Vincent Herbert?

vincent herbert net worth 2016

Vincent Herbert salary and Net Worth: Vicent Herbert is the owner of streamline records, an american writer and producer as well. Herbert  net worth is around 3 million dollars.  

How Did Vincent Herbert Lose Weight?

Vincent Herbert Weight Loss

Due to the extra weight, Vincent Herbert faced several health and medical issues. Most of the doctors recommended him to go for weight loss surgery. Vincent has to undergo some surgeries to cut down his dirty fat from his body.

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